Christianiko Steki is the charity arm of the Greek Evangelical Church of Thessaloniki for poor and homeless of Thessaloniki. On a daily basis it distributes cooked food while it provides clothes and free shower to the homeless individuals, as well as programs for addicted individuals.



                         Food Distribution


In light of the recent refugee crisis, the ministry extended into taking care of refugees as well. Christianiko Steki took part in various humanitarian expeditions at the northern Greek border (Idomeni) which took place from the fall of 2015 until the spring of 2016, when the Idomeni camp was shut down. Later, when thousands of refugees came in Thessaloniki, Christianiko Steki took action in hosting of refugee families in premises of the Church. Right now, it continues its food distribution to the refugee families hosted by the Greek Evangelical Church or other churches and provides to the refugees free English lessons that take place twice per week. Christianiko Steki is hosting various programs for the refugees that take place biweekly in the premises of the Church, offering tea and entertainment. These programs focus on cultural information, entertainment and other practical information; they are especially targeting towards making the refugees feel welcomed by the local community (e.g. by taking them to the annual festival of our neighborhood).



Taking refugees to our neighborhood festival



Christianiko Steki is trying tο cover the needs of the refugees in any way possible.  However, the challenge that it is facing is increasing, and so do the needs that it is called to respond to, while the refugee situation remains complicated and the means are limited.  


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If you would like to support our work among the refugees and the homeless of Thessaloniki, you can do so by sending us your donation to our below bank accounts:


Bank Name: National Bank of Greece

Account Number: 831-001962-33

ΙΒΑΝ: GR38 0110 8310 0000 8310 0196 233


Beneficiary: Greek Evangelical Church of Thessaloniki


Contact Information

Address: Christianiko Steki, Ippodromiou Square 10, PO. 54621, Thessaloniki, Greece


Web page: 

Contact Number: (+30) 694 472 2998, Mr. Antonis Sakellariou (Ministry Director)